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  • Can I join the collective if I don’t identify as Latinx?
    The collective is exclusively designed for Latinx folx. Our objective is to foster a community where Latinx professionals can come together, sharing experiences and celebrating our unique culture. Within this space, we engage in meaningful discussions about the distinctive challenges and impacts faced by our community when establishing and operating businesses.
  • Is the collective only for those who are fully licensed?
    Yes, at this time the collective is a space for those who are fully licensed to practice independently in NJ and NY.
  • Can I join the collective if I do not yet have my own practice?
    The collective is specifically curated for individuals currently engaged in private practice. Our business consultation groups serve as a strategic guide throughout the process, while the community forum is purposefully structured to facilitate effective marketing of your practice. We encourage our members to translate the insights gained from our group discussions into tangible practices, ensuring the implementation of valuable strategies discussed.
  • Do you offer any programs for those not yet fully licensed or those who have not yet opened their own practice?
    Yes, we do! Our Aspiring Practice Owners Collective—an exclusive space for aspiring clinical entrepreneurs eager to embark on their journey to launch their private practice. Our coaching groups are designed to provide guidance throughout the entire process, addressing the questions that are crucial to you before taking the leap into opening your practice To register click here.
  • Why is there an application process?
    We meticulously review every application, verifying details such as practice location, licensure, and alignment with our collective's goals. Our commitment is to ensure that the collective is a suitable fit for you at your current stage in your professional journey. We prioritize creating an environment where all members can mutually benefit from their interactions with others.
  • Are the business consultation groups in person or virtual?
    The groups are available both in-person and virtually, providing you the flexibility to choose the format that best suits your preferences.
  • How do I cancel or pause my membership?
    If you decide to pause or cancel your membership, kindly send an email to at least two weeks before your upcoming billing cycle.
  • I still have more questions... Can I speak to someone?
    Yes! Use this Calendly link to set up a 30 minute Zoom meeting with Latinx Practice Collective Founder Kathy!
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