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Full testimonials from the Latinx Practice Collective Founding Members.

"This collective has been such a blessing! It's given me a sense of guidance and sisterhood that will stay with me forever. At first I was hesitant and didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. I feel supported and understood as I learned that there were others going through my same journey. I have expanded my business and learned alternate ways of running my business."

Dhesyre Novoa, LCSW

Serenity Counseling and Wellness

"The Collective has become a community that is encouraging and supportive. It is a space where accountability is paired with compassion. If asked for one word to describe my feelings after leaving each meeting, it would be inspired. It is always inspiring to be around a group of like-minded business owners, who are eager to help the community they serve, as well as their colleagues. Prior to joining The Collective I had an LLC; however, the main intention was to organize myself from a financial standpoint. During my time in The Collective, those initial intentions have grown to include being more intentional with growing my business."

Erika Hurtado, LCSW

Unscripted Therapy 


"Since joining the collective I have finally mustered up the courage to get started on my private practice. I had planned it two years prior to actually opening up but found myself struggling with hesitation and fear. The collective has provided me with the guidance and support that I needed in order to launch. The clinical and business support has been priceless. Our discussions about the things that hold us back, cultural factors, as well as resources have been instrumental in finally helping me open my practice. I finally made the decision to leave agency work and focus on my private practice. The resources and expertise I gained from the collective have helped me grow and improve. I'm thankful to have found a community to help me grow professionally and personally."


Yaranil Ferrer, LCSW

"I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this group, where women are conquering challenges, embracing their identities, and standing tall in their success. The support and camaraderie we share within our community truly empowers and uplifts one another. It is an honor to witness the journey, and to be able to grow, provide support and guidance along the way.  By supporting one another, lifting each other up, and sharing our collective wisdom and experiences, we are creating a network of Latinx women and men who are changing the face of entrepreneurship. Together, we are rewriting the narrative and proving that our cultural background is not a barrier, but a unique strength that sets us apart. I am honored and proud to be a member and ambassador of the collective."

Beatriz Wawra, LCSW

Be Well Therapy Center

"I gained so much knowledge about opening up a private practice, the ins and outs. Because of the collective I am now confident to start my own practice. The founders are RESOURCEFUL in every area, clinical, administrative, ethics. If you want to be part of something that is OURS, that is uplifting, that is inspiring and that will be an invaluable resource for your practice, the collective is for you. "


Natalia Velandia, LCSW

Layers Therapy

"The collective serves as a safe space where we can openly discuss the joys and struggles of private practice ownership, forging connections that extend beyond the clinical realm. In essence, the Latinx Collective, composed of clinicians who are private practice owners, embodies resilience, expertise, and a shared commitment to both our professional growth and the well-being of our clients. Together, we foster a nurturing environment that not only enhances our clinical skills but also empowers us to thrive in our individual journeys as entrepreneurs. I've never experienced a stronger sense of pride in blending my professional journey with my Latina-ness. The reality is, prior to joining The Collective, I was experiencing a sense of clinical boredom. Now, I've infused a considerable amount of excitement and diversity into my private practice! I also recognized my value within this group and made some adjustments to my rates to reflect and honor my worth."

Vasti Cedeño, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP 

Lifework Counseling

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